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Our Media Policy

The Department of Psychiatry encourages faculty to interact with the media to raise awareness of our programs and research. The Communications Office is pleased to help publicize news of faculty, staff, and student scholarly work, community service, honors, awards, or other newsworthy activities. For faculty and staff at NYSPI, please review the media policy guidelines below when interacting with the media.

  • CUIMC faculty are encouraged to contact the NYSPI Communications Office or the CUIMC Communications Office for expert assistance and guidance when contacted by the media; please see the full CUIMC Media Relations Policy here.
  • The NYSPI Media Policy guidelines below govern the interactions between New York State Psychiatric Institute employees and the media.

Speaking to the Media

When you receive a call or an email from a reporter with a request for comment, please ask them to send the request through the Columbia Psychiatry/NYSPI Communications Office, and refer them to Carla Cantor at (646) 774-5324 or

  • You may ask for more detail about the story, but do not agree to do an interview.
  • The Communications Office will collect additional information, vet the reporter and outlet, obtain approvals as necessary from OMH, and discuss with you whether you would like to talk to the reporter. The Communications Office will decline the interview or arrange for it to take place at your convenience.
  • If you would like to initiate an outreach to media, contact the Communications Office first to coordinate the approach.
  • Let the Communications Office know if you would like to receive any media training before an interview.

Press Releases

When you have a research paper accepted for publication, send the Communications Office a copy of the paper and any correspondence you have had with the journal about publication and embargo dates. Include a brief description of what makes this paper interesting to a lay audience and the media, and the Communications Office will discuss with you whether or not to issue a press release.

Reporters, Television Crews or Photographers

Reporters, television crews or photographers are not allowed in any of our buildings unless a member of the Communications Office meets them at the safety desk and accompanies them to the shoot.

  • Any unauthorized reporter or film crew who attempts to enter the buildings will be detained at the Safety Desk and advised to contact the Communications Office for clearance.
  • Documentaries require 3-4 weeks notice to complete the necessary approvals, location agreements, and certificates of insurance. Refer all requests for any filming at NYSPI to the Communications Office.

Patient Interviews

Patients may be interviewed and/or photographed only if they give written, informed consent. A consent form conforming to OMH policy is available from the Communications Office.

Social Media Accounts & Advertisements

All work-related social media accounts, including, but not limited to Facebook and Twitter, must be set up and approved by the Communications Office.

If you would like to publish a social media (Facebook/Instagram, Twitter) or Google advertisement for your research study, please fill THIS FORM. If you have any questions, you may contact Gabriella Dishy (

News Items

Send any news items and items of interest–grants, honors, new books, new labs/clinics–to the Communications Office or visit our Share Your News page.


If you have any questions or have been contacted by a member of the media, please email, or contact:

Carla Cantor
Director of Communications