Studies on Mild Cognitive Impairment

Neurocognitive and Neuroimaging Biomarkers Related to Antidepressant Response in Late Life Depression (OPTIMUM Neuro)

This study investigates the cognitive trajectories over two years of those individuals over the age of 60 taking antidepressant medications. Older adults with persistent depression may be at ultra-high risk for cognitive decline and progression towards dementia. Specific neurocognitive and neural circuits overlap in Treatment Resistant Late Life Depression (TRLLD) with those associated with early dementia. The results of this study will clarify whether deterioration of key brain regions in persistent depression accelerates cognitive decline and progression to dementia.

Study Activities

  • Filling out forms
  • Blood samples
  • Neuropsychological Tests
  • MRI


  • Ages eligible; 60 years and older
  • Genders eligible: All
  • At least two trials of antidepressant medications
  • This study is not recruiting healthy volunteers

For more information, please call Johana Alvarez at 646-774-8664. Para servicio en Español, contacte a Esteban Ceballos 646-774-8670.